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Oracy at Stacey Primary School

‘Our Voice Empowers our Right to be Heard’


At Stacey Primary School we aim to empower pupils to develop their self-esteem and confidence, to speak clearly and audibly in various authentic contexts to a range of listeners. We strive to ensure every pupil develops their listening skills in order to identify key information, summarise and respond appropriately. Our curriculum enables children to engage in both exploratory talk (the talk we use to explore and develop our thinking) and presentational talk (the talk we use with an audience to explain, inform or persuade). Our curriculum immerses pupils with vocabulary rich environments to produce eloquent speakers who can articulate their ideas, thoughts and feelings across all areas of learning and experience. 

Oracy Framework

Our Oracy curriculum is underpinned by the Oracy Framework created by Voice 21. The Oracy Framework uses four vital strands; physical, linguistic, cognitive and social and emotional. Through a high quality Oracy education, pupils learn through talk and learn to talk.  The student-friendly Oracy Frameworks are used throughout the school as each one builds on the skills from the previous Framework; introducing more ambitious objectives and increasingly complex vocabulary. The use of carefully planned, modelled and scaffolded talk in the classroom heightens subject knowledge and understanding for our learners.


Sentence Stems

Our pupils are encouraged to speak in full, coherent sentences when sharing their ideas and using spoken language. In all lessons, pupils have key sentence stems which they are encouraged to use to help them articulate their ideas.  


Discussion Guidelines

All classes create Discussion Guidelines and they are displayed in all classes. They are updated on a termly basis.


Talk Tactics

Talk Tactics are used in all lessons to encourage pupils to think strategically about their contributions to group talk. Providing pupils with roles to play in discussions helps to manage talk and encourages the development of certain speaking and listening skills.

  A Talk Tactics Progression Map has been created to ensure there is a progression of skills that are being consolidated and built upon throughout the school.


The physical structure of discussions and how many students are involved is considered in every type of talk activity.