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Welcome to Stacey Primary's ALN Page. Below you will find information and links to videos to support you in finding out about ALN at Stacey.


Stacey Primary School is an inclusive school where all staff are committed to the success of each and every pupil.


All children are valued, respected and welcomed to our school, whatever their additional educational needs may be. We support children’s learning and aim to ensure they are fully included in all school activities.


Our Additional Learning Needs Policy gives information to parents & carers, teachers and Governors about the way individual pupils can be helped.


As a school we ensure the needs of our children are met through high quality teaching and learning provision. Our Universal Provision includes:


  • whole class teaching

  • effective differentiation

  • collaborative group work

  • individual and small group interventions

  • appropriate and reasonable adjustments to enable access to the school environment, curriculum and facilities.


If a child is not making expected progress in their learning from their baseline point we will gather observations, use assessment data and seek to work in collaboration with outside agencies / professionals to identify any additional learning needs. A wide range of evidence will be gathered over time, including:


  • assessment tools, frameworks and questionnaires

  • standardised assessments

  • observational data

  • formative assessments of day to day learning

  • monitoring progress over time

  • assessments from other agencies e.g., Paediatrician

  • Discussions with the child's parents using the Personal Centred Planning approach (PCP)


From this,the decision may be made that it would be in the best interest for the child to receive a Individual Development Plan (IDP)

This would outline the child's Additional Learning Need (ALN) and Additional Learning Provision (ALP)


Here are some very helpful documents and videos to give you further insight into ALN and what we do as a school to support your child through their ALN journey.






Below is a useful guide explaining ALN and jargon busting!


Below is a link to a Youtube video of an animation explaining ALN for parents and carers.

Scan the QR code to watch a child friendly version of the ALN animation

Your right to appeal.

In the very unlikely event that your relationship with us should break down, you have the right to a appeals process. Please see the link below to find out further information. 

Should you have any further questions or just want to chat a few of these points over please feel free to contact Mrs Davies and we will do all we can to help you.