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Family Engagement

Family Engagement @ Stacey

What's On At Stacey Primary 

This Autumn Term.






9am - 11.30am 

English (Must Attend Friday's Also)
All levels welcome this term we will be looking at communication skills.


9.15am - 11.15am   

Beauty Basic
Discuss the benefits of healthy eating,learn how to do a manicure and improve your make-up skills.


2pm - 3pm   

Rhyme Time Challenge

Learn a new Nursery Rhyme every week, we have musical instruments. Learning Nursery Rhymes will help develop your child's vocabulary.





9am - 11.30am   

Introduction to Teaching Assistant 

 Develop skills and knowledge related to the role of a Classroom Assistant.





9am - 10am

Stay & Play

Children and adults spend quality time together in stay and play.  We play phonics and Maths games, We have creative fun.


1pm - 3pm

I.C.T Computer Skills

Improve your I.T Skills , update and upload your C.V. Learn your way around the computer.




9am - 11.30am

Upcycling & D.I.Y

Save money learn some basic Upcycling & D.I.Y skills.


1pm - 2pm 

Credit Union (Key Stage 2)

A savings club run by pupils which gives their peers the opportunity to bring in money that they wish to save.


2pm - 3pm 

Reading Club

A club that provides families with the opportunity to come into school and read with their children. 




9am - 11am 

Parents Project

Have you got a skill you would like to share? if so come along to parents project. This term we will get getting things ready for the Christmas Fayre.


9am - 11.30am 

English (Must Attend Monday's Also)
All levels welcome this term we will be looking at communication skills.

Fun at Reading Club and Rhyme Time Challenge

Healthy Eating

We used the "Sugar Smart" app on our I Pads to see how much sugar is in our food and we discussed how we could change our children's diet.

Time Credits
Spice Time Credits


Did you know you can earn time credits by taking part in Family Engagement at Stacey Primary School?






To find out how you can earn time credits please contact Miss Cook



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