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It is vital that children remain safe and secure while using Information Technology. E-Safety is a major focus; not only within our pupils' ICT lessons, but right across the curriculum. 

We teach our pupils how to use technology safely and responsibly - both within, and outside of school.  Since pupils have increasing access to IT beyond school (computers, mobile phones, tablets etc), it is vital that they do use these safely.  There are several very good websites that address safe and responsible use of technology. 


We have included links to very useful websites, please take a look at them:

Our Digital Leaders


We have 8 digital leaders in school, that have now completed the Childnet Digital Leaders Programme that has empowered our children to champion digital citizenship and digital creativity within our school and to educate peers and teachers about staying safe online. 


We are now part of an exciting online community with training and ongoing support from Childnet’s team. This is making  

e-safety learning fun and effective and our school is  working towards an outstanding whole school community approach to e-safety. 


From completing the digital leader training our digital leaders would like to share their thoughts and feelings about the training and what it has meant for them.


" Meeting with the Digital Leaders has made me feel a lot more confident with online safety. Something I would like us to do next is to go to another school and talk to them about it and share ideas." - Sienna 


"I have attended the digital leader meetings and helped run an assembly to teach other children about staying safe online, I am excited to do more digital leader activities." - Noah


"Since completing the training I feel I am more helpful with other pupils and more resourceful than I was before. I have helped the school to be more internet safe."

- Georgia


"From doing the Childnet training I feel more confident and really excited about internet safety. I helped run an assembly to teach all the other children how to stay safe online." - Dashawn


" From doing the online training I would like to go to other schools and classes to help people stay safe online and have conversations about how to be safe. Since I have been doing the training I have felt proud of myself and confident." - Esraa


"Whilst being a Digital Leader I have made a difference by helping pupils and teachers on the internet. The things I would like to do next are go into classes and help others. Since doing the childnet training I feel really proud of myself." - Ayub


" After doing the childnet training I feel more confident and proud of myself. I would love to do more assemblies to teach other children about online safety, not to talk to strangers online and not to meet with anyone they do not know." - Learah 


" At first I was a bit nervous about becoming a digital leader but now that I have done the childnet training I feel proud, happy and more confident with my digital leader work. I would like to do more training about how to stay safe and teach all my friends about what I have learnt." - Callum


Take a look at some fantastic clips for children on how to stay safe online. They are lots of fun!!